Distribution Across Canada

AC Courtier makes your product distribution simple.  We take on all the work at every level of distribution, bringing your product to the retailers (pharmacies and large retailers).  AC Courtier brings your business to a network of over 1500 sales outlets across Canada.  Partnering with us allows you to market your product on ever growing markets.

Our tailored expertise makes the sales process simple for you.  Whatever your needs, our team can take care of any level of distribution up to expedition.  You can also benefit from our warehouse made available to our clients.

Important Steps

Thinking of trusting your product distribution to the experts? Trust the AC Courtier team, we’ve been doing this for 20 years with local and international clients. We are efficient in all four (4) levels of distribution.


Order Completion

Leave the order completion to us. We’ll assemble and prepare for expedition all selected products on order with optimized quality control and increased efficiency, giving you peace of mind.


We manage all billing for the distribution of your products. Our wholesalers insure follow-up and payment so you don’t have to.


AC Courtier receives the purchase orders from the retail partners. Our service is fast and efficient. Trusting us with this task will insure prompt expedition of each order.

Quick delivery

Once the order is complete, we take on the final stage of distribution which is the expedition. You can trust AC Courtier to get the product order delivered promptly to your retail partners.

Inquiries About our Brokerage Services ?

Want to find out more about our business and how we can help? You need a tailored solution to your business needs? We want to talk to you. Our team of experts is available over the phone or by email. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any question you might have.

You are ready to push your product onto new markets in partnership with AC Courtier? We’re eager to hear from you and start the conversation about your brokerage and/or distribution needs. Together, we build your success!

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